Soci3 Collaborations, NFTs, Livestreams

Upcoming livestream with James Young from Abridged. Announcing the Soci3 genesis NFT and live design sessions...

Welcome back to a new issue of this newsletter. Here we try to figure out the arcane of community building using Web3 technologies.

Hola hello to you organizers, builders, and other crypto peeps!

Today’s TL;DR:

  1. Next week in a collab with ForeFront I’ll be live streaming a conversation with James Young from Tuesday the 9th 12:30PM EST. Yesssss.

  2. Soci3 is teaming up with DSGN, DFAME and Unite to launch its genesis NFT badge. Live design sessions on the 14th and 15th of Dec. Double yessss.

Chatting with James Young - 9th of Dec. 12:30 EST 🤖

It has been months that I’ve been wanting to record a conversation with James and Abridged.

Quiet and lean, James Y., James D. and team have been killing it for months. Their bot allows anyone to gate a Discord or Telegram chat using a token. This has already become a standard adopted beyond the inner circles of crypto and is a very important lego for the future of online communities.

I know that James is pretty much a visionary when it comes to product and strategy. I can only hope that I’ll be able to make the most of this conversation.

Last but not least, Abridged is about to roll out a new feature soon in addition to the many already in use with the bot. I can already tell it’s going to be a significant addition to the social token space.

I’ll share updates and details on Tweeter!

The Soci3 Genesis NFT 🧩

Soci3 -this newsletter and Discord- is partnering With DSGN, DFAME, and Unite.Community for the launch of its first access token.

We'll have two live design sessions on the 14th and 15th of December (inspiring from how Zora designed in public).

Launching a social token for Soci 3 has long been a pending question. On the one hand, it’s good to have a first-mover advantage. On the other hand templates and business models for social tokens are still largely undefined or demand more resources than we currently have. At this point launching a token could be counterproductive just as it has been for many projects during the ICO boom.

With an NFT badge, it’s easier to remain focused as you don’t have to worry about liquidity, financial regulations, or price. Of course, that makes the community less sexy to speculators in the short term. But last week, I've shared my optimism for NFTs as a means to structure the community further and deploy models… progressively.

And regarding sexiness: thank god we’re working together with DSGN, DFAME and Unite to make things spicy and fun 🌶

We’re joining forces to work on the NFT design, gated figma/zoom calls for the live design sessions, and a tweeter campaign power by Unite…

Put another way, we’re leveraging the composability of online communities.
Let’s see how it plays out 👀

Keep posted as we’ll share more about the NFT and design process very soon.

And that’s it for today. See you on the Discord.