Creator Platforms, Social Tokens...

Last week I wrote about attention, creators and web3 platforms for creators in JammSession.

Welcome back to a new issue of this newsletter. Here we try to figure out the arcanes of community building using Web3 technologies.

Heyhey! First a quick update

Just a month ago I joined as their Community Lead. It has been super exciting so far! The community is healthy and lively. Its also just crypto-friendly enough to make projects and tools very exciting to roll out. Maybe I’ll share more about things I’m up to soon.

The Community x Web3 space is vibrant. The shipping pace for new tools is accelerating hard. Social token experiments are booming across a wide range of communities from art, to gaming to crypto.

Have a look 👀

I plan to write my next post on the role of community organizer and how it is evolving today!

Join the Discord and invite your community savy friends. I plan to have a community discussion happening soon.

Last week I wrote about attention, creators, and web3 platforms in JammSession.

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